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Community Facilities Advisory Committee

The Hamilton School District produced and disseminated information in the spring of 2022 about the work of the Community Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) which studied community growth, student enrollment projections and future facility needs. Below is a list of topics with links to the brief videos that were disseminated through school newsletters, social media and the district website.

This information was provided because parent and employee survey results showed that many people in the community were unaware or had questions about the district’s capacity to handle future enrollment projections, the condition of facilities and aspects of school funding.

The CFAC will meet again to determine next steps for the district. It will consider several options including conducting follow-up surveys, this time including community members who do not have children in school. Expect to hear more about the work of the CFAC next fall when the district has enrollment numbers for the 2022-23 school year, as well as updated information regarding state funding and other important economic factors.

Videos highlighting the work of theCommunity Facilities Advisory Committee