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Board Meeting Highlights2022年10月4日



A committee to study community growth, enrollment projections and facility needs will be convened and will present its report to the Hamilton School Board by Jan. 17, 2023. The School Board approved a charge for a 2022 Community Facilities Advisory Committee to review available data and develop recommendations that could include conducting a referendum.

A parent from each school and representatives from the community, senior citizens, businesses, employees, administration and the School Board will comprise the committee.

学校董事会members agreed the committee would:

  • 审查细分增长和预测;
  • review current district enrollments and enrollment projections through 2026;
  • review elementary attendance boundaries in light of enrollment projections;
  • 审查当前设施,并分析空间利用和设施的物理状况并确定需求;
  • review implications of financial impact on school district in addressing facility needs;
  • identify preferred options to address facility needs;
  • 分析并说明对要提出的建议进行董事会审查的潜在公众支持;和
  • present a report to the Board of Education no later than January 17, 2023.

Approval of additional Speech and Language Pathologist

越来越多的学生需要一个演讲d language services transferring into the Hamilton School District has exceeded our Speech and Language Pathologists recommended number of caseloads. Hiring an additional Speech and Language Pathologist (.60 FTE) will address needs at Woodside, Maple Avenue and Marcy Elementary Schools for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year.

Elementary Principals give report on school progress, initiatives

Principals from all four elementary schools gave a joint report to the School Board about how they worked together to review currant data and begin adjusting plans to tackle new goals. The elementary goal is to have 80 percent of students identified as proficient/advanced in the areas of math and reading, as measured by the Wisconsin Forward Exam by 2025. The School Board approved the plan.

It was also noted populations continue to grow each year. Maple Avenue Elementary experienced considerable growth this year. Lannon Elementary has returned to a population equal to its population when it served K-5, prior to the addition of Silver Spring Intermediate School.


Principal Deanna Wellens and Associate Principal Susan Schramka gave a report to the School Board reviewing last year’s data and focusing efforts on common goals. Two areas of focus will be improving writing skills and increasing students’ sense of belonging at school. The School Board approved the plan.


人力资源总监约翰·鲁贝克(John Roubik)提出了参数,该参数将用于开发2023-24的学校日历。他们包括:

  • maximizing student instructional time to exceed state requirements;
  • scheduling student break times that best fit the academic needs of students;
  • including spring break during the last full week in March;
  • 为教师准备和关闭教室的时间,为专业发展和时间准备了天数;
  • offering opportunities for parents and teachers to confer about student progress; and
  • 维持192个教师合同日。

In his report, Roubik noted that September 1, 2023 falls on a Friday which may lead us to start school after the Labor Day holiday. He also noted, that in 2024, Easter Sunday falls on March 31 which is during the district’s usual spring break. Input from parent officers and district staff will be sought with a recommendation to the School Board expected by Dec. 19, 2022.


Enrollment for the 2022 program was 1704 students. Recommended dates for the 2023 program are June 19 through July 14, with Tuesday July 4 off in celebration of the holiday.

Approval of revised facility rental procedures and fees

The process for renting school district spaces, including the new concession stand at Hamilton High School, has been updated. Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Shelli Reilly proposed the update to make the process more clear and efficient. The fees are comparable to surrounding districts.

Personnel matters


  • Jennifer Breier, paraprofessional – Special Services at Hamilton High School, effective Sept 26;
  • 米切尔·科佩尔曼(Mitchell Koppelmann), paraprofessional – Title I at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective Oct 3; and
  • Jesenia Mendez, custodian I, a.m. at Silver Spring Intermediate School, effective Oct. 5.

The School Board approved the modification of contract of:

  • 凯蒂·卡斯珀(Katie Kasper),在兰农,马西和伍德赛德小学和银泉中级学校担任第二语言老师。10月5日生效,从50%增加到70%。